If you have an employee reward/recognition gift program or a loyalty reward program for valued customers, My Luxury Gifts offers a variety of expensive unique gifts for them to choose from. We’re one of the leading providers of stylish, exclusive, creative products and experiences.

We do more than help companies choose a selection of fine gifts. We offer beautiful packaging and a distribution program. Whether you need the gifts shipped directly to you for presentation to a special employee or client, or you need them shipped promptly and safely to the recipients, you can count on our team to do that.

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Expensive Romantic Gifts for Women and Men

Some of the most popular gift choices are unique romantic gifts for wives and husbands. Employees who are given the opportunity to select a gift for their years of service or for exceeding performance goals often choose a gift that they can give a loved one. The same is true for customers whose loyalty to a company has earned them a gift.

At My Luxury Gifts, we offer expensive gifts for husbands and wives such as:

  • Jewelry
  • Gourmet gift baskets
  • Premium wines, champagnes and other liquor
  • Spa days and other exclusive experiences
  • And much more

Unique, Stylish Gifts From the Most Exclusive Names

We partner with high-end retailers and other companies worldwide to bring a unique, exclusive, ever-changing assortment of gift choices to our clients. These partnerships allow us to offer not just unique romantic gifts for wives and husbands, but practical gifts like luggage, briefcases, folios and home goods from the best names around to our clients at prices that fit their budgets.

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Let our personal consultants help you. Whether you’re looking for a few expensive unique gifts to give your most valued clients for the holidays or a special occasion, or you’re seeking a selection of gifts to offer employees or customers, we can help. Contact us today to get started!